The power of Pilates

Yoga and Pilates each provide unique and soul-restoring methods of strengthening mind, body and spirit – benefits for anyone fighting a health issue. When I discovered Pilates, I’d had three lower-back surgeries and years of chronic sciatica and lower-back pain. I’ve never felt healthier than during the two years I trained with Pilates teacher Brooke Anderson, whose own start in Pilates came as she battled lower-back pain from years of running. “When I discovered how much Pilates worked your core (abdominal) muscles in ways I never thought possible – as opposed to just doing crunches – I knew I...

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How My Life Changed After Cancer

By Hallie Levine. May 6, 2016.
Photo: David Schlemer/EyeEm/Getty Images
Once you hear the phrase “you have cancer,” your values and priorities are probably going to dramatically shift (and there’s even research to back that fact up).

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Meet Sherry’s sister, Jill

A cancer diagnosis is like a grenade exploding at the center of a person’s life. Emotional shrapnel hits everyone within your circle, and while some people turn and run from the crisis, others run toward it, wishing against time that they could have jumped on the grenade themselves. Jill didn’t have to sprint to be by her sister Sherry Pollex’s side: she’s been there her whole life. Born 23 months before Sherry, the two grew up as the best of friends, and that closeness continued into adulthood. “I really thought we had a close relationship,” Jill shared. “Closer than most at...

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