Feel strong. Feel beautiful. Feel healthy. Surviving ovarian cancer with grace.

Welcome from Sherry

So, I’m glad you’re here, because we have lots to talk about! I’ve spent almost two years thinking about all the things I’d like to change about cancer. We’re going to talk about the hard stuff. The treatments. The emotional havoc.

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Yoga 101: Because calm is good

Maybe you thought you had stress in your life. Then you or your loved one was diagnosed with ovarian cancer — or any type of cancer for that matter — and you realized how much you really wanted that “old stress” back.

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Sherry Pollex talks with Kelley.

by Kelley Earnhardt


Sherry Pollex Celebrates Birthday by Launching Website to Educate Women on Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Integrative Medicine Benefits

Longtime girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr. creates SherryStrong.org

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The Fight of Our Lives

Martin Truex. The Players’ Tribune.
Photo: Peter Casey/USA Today Sports
I’m a racecar driver, so it goes with the territory that I do things fast. But as with anything in life, speed isn’t always a good thing. There are moments when you’d do whatever it takes just to slow the world down and stop time.

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Martin Truex Jr. celebrates girlfriend beating ovarian cancer

The Associated Press. January 14, 2016
Photo: The Associated Press.
Martin Truex Jr. let wide-eyed employees at an NHL arena try on his race helmet. At least one struggled to figure out how to squeeze the helmet on before she posed for a few photos for a keepsake.

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How My Life Changed After Cancer

By Hallie Levine. Prevention.com May 6, 2016.
Photo: David Schlemer/EyeEm/Getty Images
Once you hear the phrase “you have cancer,” your values and priorities are probably going to dramatically shift (and there’s even research to back that fact up).

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National Academy of Medicine Ovarian Cancer Report Ignites Reaction from Vermillion & OVA1® Awareness Team

OLYMPIC Gymnast Shannon Miller, NASCAR Driver Martin Truex, Jr. with Girlfriend Sherry Pollex, and BROADWAY Star Valisia LeKae

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Martin Truex Jr., Girlfriend in Fight of Their Lives

Mike Hembree. Special for USA TODAY Sports. October 29, 2015
Photo: Peter Casey, USA TODAY Sports
The pre-race kiss, a staple of the last moments between a race car driver and significant other before the green flag drops, was especially poignant in the bright Talladega Superspeedway sunshine…

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